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custom online headshot printing, compcards, business cards, post cards,8x10's
custom online headshot printing, compcards, 8x10, business cards, post cards
Each quantity ordered is for a single run and may not be split. If you need to order additional sets of prints you will have the opportunity to do so a little later on and will run through this query system again.

If all you need are just the images from your order, we can email them to you or fit them on to a CD.

Most people are usually requesting this because they would like an electronic version of their headshot for emailing and posting to websites. For that reason we will also provide you with a low resolution version that will be sized better for use in such situations.

Generally we are providing you with the version that was used to set-up your headshots which will include your name. We can also provided you with a version without your name if we have performed retouching services for you or if your photographer had submitted your image directly to us.

Most photographers who send their shoots into us permit us to burn the entire session for their clients. There are a couple who do not. The size of the files from the shoots and the number of images will not fit on a CD and therefore if you would like the images from your shoot we will need to prepare a DVD.


A reorder is a re-run of one of our products that you have ordered through our company before, using the exact same image and exact same layout. We archive your images for up to 3 years.

If you need to make any changes to the layout of a reorder you will still be charged the reorder rate, however, there will also be an additional "re-layout fee" of $15. If changes are necessary you will shortly have the opportunity to convey to us those changes required.


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